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What color is the M in McDonalds?



The iconic McDonalds logo is yellow on a red background.The Golden Arches (a phrase of increasing usage) are the famous symbol of McDonald's. Originally, real arches that were part of the restaurant design. They were incorporated into the chain's logo in 1962, when the current Golden Arches logo resembled an "M" for "McDonald's". The arches were introduced in 1953, when Dick and Mac McDonald were building a new outlet in Phoenix, Arizona. Architect Stanley Meston designed a walk-up hamburger stand with red and white tiles and a distinctive sloped roof, but Dick McDonald, wanting more visual appeal, sketched a pair of stylized yellow arches, one at each side. Meston accepted other changes but rejected the arches; in the end, sign-maker George Dexter was hired to construct the arches. When viewed from an angle, the design was reminiscent of the letter M. A sign out front incorporated yet a third yellow arch along with the chain's signature character, a chef named Speedee.

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