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Community Guidelines


To maintain the quality of submissions in our site, we’re listing stuff that you should keep in mind when submitting trivias in our site. We carefully moderate each submission by keeping in mind these guidelines.


  1. Keep submissions factual and opinion free. The best submissions are factual and driven by research, data or true descriptions of an event. Submission that include opinions or non-factual stuff, don’t qualify as trivia and are not allowed.

  2. Keep your submissions and comments civil. Don’t submit harassing comments or trivia, towards any group of people. Keep it civil and don’t submit anything racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist or other.

  3. Use proper grammar and spelling. In a site where we distribute knowledge to each other, we need to be as correct as possible with grammar and spelling.

  4. Categorize your submissions properly. To maintain a structured medium of knowledge, we categorize each trivia with a category, subcategory and a topic. Keeping these categorizations correct helps us with the structure.

  5. Keep in mind duplicates. We won’t allow duplicate trivias, so before submitting something, check if it’s been posted before, so you don’t waste time of writing a long answer that won’t be accepted. If the original post is incomplete or you have more to add, you can report the submission and elaborate more, and we’ll keep that in mind.


Thanks for keeping our guidelines in mind and maintaining the quality of our site.